Malcolm Whitfield is also a comedian. He followed in his big brother’s footsteps when he was 18, and has been chasing Mike’s legacy ever since. words, letters, blah, blah, blah

More words.

      Mike Whitfield has been doing comedy since he was 17. He started at a coffee shop in Rochester, New York and since then, has performed in similarly-sized coffee shops all over the world. He has been seen in the Funniest Person in Rochester 2012 at The Comedy Club in Rochester (didn't win), The funniest person in Tampa 2015 at the Tampa Improv (didn't win), bars and clubs in various parts of South Korea and regularly performs at venues all over Washington, DC, where he has been heard on WPFW 89.3 FM was a featured performer in WPFW's Resistance Comedy Night in 2017. He was also the one comedian chosen to perform at his girlfriend's cousin's quincañera.